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How Your Basement Finishing Project Can Become a Source of Income

Ocotober 10, 2018

Is your basement an empty space that is little more than a dumping ground for all of the excess stuff in your life? Why not turn it into useful space? Better yet, why not turn it into a space that can actually provide your family with a source of income each month? Consider taking your Denver basement finishing project to a whole new level by turning your basement into a rental opportunity.

First Things First: Check Zoning in Your Area

Some areas are more restrictive than others, but you’ll need to find out if you are allowed to turn your basement into a rental unit. Your unit will have to be compliant with zoning codes, fire escape plans, and parking requirements in your area. Don’t skip this very important part of the process.

Next Up: Find Out How Much This Project Will Cost

Establishing a budget for the project is crucial because it will be something to consider in terms of return on investment. It may or may not make sense from a financial standpoint to turn your basement into a rental unit. You will also want to research the potential rental income you can make from a basement apartment.
To explore this even more, check out what HGTV Income Property host and real estate renovation expert Scott McGillivrey has to say about turning spaces into income-generating areas.

Then: Design the Space

Will the space be a studio apartment, or do you have enough room for one or even two bedrooms? Remember, that having bedrooms will increase the amount of rent that you can charge, making it easier to recoup your investment that much sooner. 
There are some must-haves with a basement rental if you want to get top dollar for it:
  • A living room
  • A kitchen with either a separate dining area or an eat-in space
  • A full bathroom
  • A bedroom closet
  • Additional storage space
  • A separate entrance

Finally: Talk to a Contractor

Even if you plan to do some of the work yourself, it’s always a good idea to contact a professional before getting started. A contractor will be invaluable when it comes to handling the items you’ll most likely want to outsource, such as plumbing, electrical, and insulation work. Consider too whether you actually have the time to invest in a project; if you have a full-time job, it’s tough to take on a basement finishing project of this magnitude all by yourself.

You want your Denver basement finishing project to go right, so it will take careful thought on deciding how you want it to be designed—especially if you plan to turn it into a source of income. The professionals at Ridgeline Design and Build can work with you to create a basement apartment that will be the ideal space for renting to prospective tenants. Give us a call at 303-346-6100 or request a free quote. When you are ready for your basement finishing project, let the experts at Ridgeline Remodeling help. Contact us today!

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

October 3, 2018

Now that you’ve made the decision to get started with your Denver kitchen remodeling project, you want to make sure you do it right. Obviously, that involves hiring the right contractor to help with the project. It also means avoiding some common mistakes before and during the remodeling process.

Not Considering Workflow

When remodeling your kitchen, consider the current workflow pattern and whether it is working for your. Your cooktop, sink, and refrigerator should be conveniently located so that each is easily accessible while you are preparing food. Ideally, the three will form a triangle arrangement. 
If you need help planning this aspect of the design process, read this article from the pros at Houzz: How to Plan a Kitchen Workflow That Works.

Underestimating Storage

This is an easy mistake to make, so make a list of everything you’ll need to store in your kitchen, including small appliances, pantry items, and so on. If storage is a problem in your current kitchen, be sure to consider items that you might be storing elsewhere because there isn’t enough room.

Not Planning for Good Lighting

Lighting can make or break a room—and that especially holds true for the kitchen. You will want bright lights for performing tasks, and you might also want mood lighting for romantic dinners. Consider both when designing your dream kitchen.

Overlooking the Small Details

There are a lot of elements that go into a kitchen remodeling project, and it can be easy to forget about them. It’s fun to pick out new cabinets, hardware, and countertops, but consider too what you can’t immediately see. You will want to pick out drawer dividers, pull out shelves, and lazy Susans to make life easier and utilize space efficiently.  

Playing It Too Safe

Sure, the kitchen has to be practical for everyday use, but you can also have a bit of fun with the style. White cabinets and walls might feel like a safe way to go, but they can also be a bit clinical if you combine them with stainless steel appliances. Consider jazzing up the space with an eye-catching glass tile backsplash or a uniquely patterned tile floor.

Going Over Budget

When you are remodeling your kitchen, you’ll quickly learn that it is easy to blow your budget. Be realistic about setting a budget you can stick with while also planning on contingencies. Most experts recommend not spending more than 20 percent of your home’s value on a kitchen renovation, or you could over-improve and not recoup your investment when it’s time to sell. Be sure to plan on at least 10 percent of the budget for unexpected costs. 
At Ridgeline Design and Build, you can depend on our team of experts to help you through every step of the process of your kitchen remodel—and ensure that you avoid making mistakes. Besides helping clients transform their kitchens, we also specialize in basement, decks, and bathroom remodels. Together, we can bring your design vision to life! Contact Ridgeline Design and Build in Colorado today for your free consultation. Call us today at 303-346-6100.

Dealing With Low Ceilings in Your Basement Finishing Project

September 26, 2018

Your unfinished basement is an untapped goldmine of space in your home. But if the basement in your Denver home has low ceilings, you might be wondering how a basement finishing project will work. Will the low ceilings put a wrench in your plans—or is the low ceiling issue something you can work around.
The good news is that it is not uncommon for basements to have lower ceilings, and there are remodeling solutions that can make the space work for you and your family. Regardless of what you plan to use the space for, you can make it bright, beautiful, and useful.

Digging Deeper to Create More Headroom

It might seem like an obvious solution to the problem with a lack of headroom in the basement: dig the floor down deeper. While this can be done, homeowners should know that it will add considerably to the expense of their basement finishing project. It’s probably better to consider designing a ceiling that drops down as little as possible and a floor that doesn’t raise the floor level too much.

Working Around Ductwork

One of the biggest issues in the basement is that you’ll have to work around the exposed ductwork. This is especially an issue where the ceilings are already low. But there are design solutions that can help, including boxing them in with drywall and adding recessed lighting or leaving them exposed and painting them to make them appear as they are part of a more industrial-looking design.

Creating Light Where There Is Little

Often basements with low ceilings also have little natural light coming in, which can mean the space is particularly dark. When designing your project, be sure to take lighting into consideration. Recessed lighting or hidden fluorescent linear fixtures can make all the difference, making the space seem much brighter.
For more inspiration on lighting for your basement, this article from the folks at HGTV has some great ideas: Best Bets for Basement Lighting.

Using Paint to Create a Brighter, More Airy Space

It’s usually a good rule of thumb that lighter colors make spaces seem larger, and this is particularly true for your basement. Stick to neutral shades of off-white or ivory rather than stark white; this will give the space a bright look that is still warm. You can also use different colors to visually mark off the rooms if you have one large open space.

Take a look at our project gallery to get more ideas for your own Denver basement finishing project. Then reach out to us to get started.
Whether your basement has low ceilings or if you have questions about other issues, you can count on us. The professionals at Ridgeline Design and Build can work with you to transform your basement into extra living space you can use for relaxing, entertaining, working, or working out. Give us a call at 303-346-6100 or request a free quote. When you are ready for to make your basement finishing project a reality, let the experts at Ridgeline Remodeling help every step of the way. Contact us today!

7 Trends for Your Backyard for Fall 2018

September 19, 2018

Are you wondering some of the best ways to transform your backyard or deck? Fall 2018 is bringing great trends for you to incorporate into your outdoor décor. Use any or all of these ideas and work with your local deck builders in Denver to make your dream space for the upcoming season. 

Patio Fire Bowls

Perfect for small backyards, homeowners are buying small firepit bowls to create a unique firepit. A few logs can be set in, complemented by two, three or four chairs around it. Bowls are available in a variety of sizes and colors to match your backyard décor. 

Climate-Controlled Spaces

To spend more time in their backyards and decks this fall, homeowners are choosing to take control against outdoor elements. They are creating covered spaces to provide shelter in rain or snow, and climate-control options to be comfortable when the weather isn’t cooperating. In addition, you can purchase plants, shrubs, and other décor that last all year long. 

Painted Decks

You may have considered re-staining your deck to mix things up. But have you considered painting your deck another color? Homeowners are ditching their traditional wood stains for colors in all shades. In fact, you can even have multiple colors, perhaps using white around the trim or painting square or circular shapes. 

String Lights

Turn a space into a quiet, relaxing oasis with string accent lighting. For open areas, you can create a design with four strands that form a box, or several strands in a row or patterns. They can be strung along a ceiling or free-floating. Don’t have a big space? Hang a few strings along the edges of a deck. Explore ideas in the 10 ways to amp up your outdoor space with string lights. 

Pops of Color

Spice your space up this fall with some color. Don’t be afraid to be bold! For instance, take a worn wooden table, sand it down and paint it a bright blue or red. Sprinkle colorful décor such as vases or art if you would like to keep your furniture the same but need a little extra. It is also popular to use contrasting shapes, colors, and constructions. You can pair stone or slate with wood.

Large Statement Pieces

Make a bold statement in larger backyards or patio by hanging a large light or other statement décor. Your statement piece can also be a piece of furniture, a table or firepit. The grander the piece, the better. You can also create a large outdoor kitchen patio perfect to keep drilling out all throughout fall. Add a large stone slab countertop that will make for a great bar top to entertain guests. 


A simple add for your deck is to incorporate a swing. Mix some of the other top fall trends and use colorful cushions, paired with string lighting to set a relaxing mood. If you are looking to create a climate-controlled area, consider having your local deck expert add a roof for your swing to hang from. This is the perfect way to spend the cool, fall evenings enjoying everything nature has to offer. 

When it comes to making your deck dreams a reality, Ridgeline Design and Build is your go-to expert. As exterior deck construction and remodeling experts, we will help you create a reinvigorated space. Contact us today at 303-346-6100 for a free quote. 

Room Additions in Denver: Here’s a Look at the Most Popular Projects

September 12, 2018

With a tight real estate market in most places these days, many homeowners who might feel they have outgrown their current home are opting to add on to their existing home rather than look for a bigger house. There are a lot of options when it comes to room additions, and Denver homeowners opt for a number of different types of projects.
Here are some of the most popular room additions for homeowners.

Master Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Also known as the “master suite,” this feature is popular among homebuyers. If you have an older home, chances are you have a smallish master bedroom that may or may not have an en suite. Homebuyers today love having roomy master suites that include a large sleeping area and sitting area, a walk-in closet (or two!), and a lavish, spa-like master bath.
Many master suite additions are added on to the back of the home or added as a new second-story space.

Family Room or Entertaining Space

It’s common today for homebuyers to seek large open areas for entertaining or hanging out as a family. Many homes don’t have this type of open space, so adding on a family room can be a great addition to the home—especially if it is open to the kitchen. These rooms are often added on to the back of the home.
Colorado residents love being outside, and a sunroom can be a way to feel like you are in the outdoors year-round. It also makes a great space for entertaining friends. Usually made up of primarily glass walls, it’s important to pick out a thermal-resistant glass to keep the space comfortable during the summer heat as well as the winter cold.

In-Law Apartments

With the aging population in this country, many people are finding that they need to take care of their parents who can no longer live on their own. Many of these elderly people still want their independence, however, and this is where an in-law apartment can be the ideal room addition project. The space can be big enough to accommodate a bedroom, bathroom, living space, and kitchen to make its residents feel comfortable and independent.
Here’s what the experts at Houzz recommend you consider before adding on an in-law apartment.

Mudrooms and Laundry Rooms

Doing the laundry is no fun for anyone, but it can be a much more pleasant chore if there is ample space in which to do it. Adding on a laundry room to your home can be a great way to make cleaning clothes more convenient. When it doubles as a mudroom, it provides a place for family members to keep shoes, coats, hats, and umbrellas as well as kids’ backpacks.
The professionals at Ridgeline Design and Build can work with you to transform your room addition into a space you have always dreamed of and that works perfectly for you and your family’s lifestyle. Give us a call at 303-346-6100 to request a free quote. When you are ready for your room addition project, let the experts at Ridgeline Remodeling help. Contact us today!