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How to Cut Costs of Denver Kitchen Remodeling Projects

May 24, 2017

From choosing new countertops and cabinets to installing new flooring and fixtures, Denver kitchen remodeling projects can be expensive—but they don’t have to be. There are many ways you can cut back on the costs of your remodeling project so it falls within your budget. How? Follow these helpful tips:

Do the demo yourself.

You will need to tear apart your old kitchen before the remodel can begin. If you ask a remodeling company to do this for you, they will of course charge you a fee to do so. If you think you can handle it, do the demo on your own to reduce the overall cost of your remodel. However, you should not attempt to do this if you don’t have the proper equipment or safety gear.

Reface vs. replace.

Many kitchen remodels involve changing the cabinets. But, replacing cabinets is one of the larger expenses associated with a remodeling project. If you want to save money, consider refacing your cabinets instead of completely replacing them. You can change the doors and hardware on your cabinets and then apply a fresh layer of paint to the boxes to save a significant amount of money. In fact, it is estimated that refacing cabinets is about half of the cost of replacing them.

Don’t use recessed lighting.

Homeowners love having recessed lighting in the kitchen, but if it’s something that you can do without, then cross this off of your list. Adding recessed lighting is pricey because your contractor will have to cut through the ceiling and insulate the area around the light. Instead, choose wall or ceiling mounted lights that don’t require as much labor. These lights tend to give you a brighter light anyway, so you may end up preferring these over recessed lights. Read recessed lighting: what are can lights?

Keep plumbing in place.

Where is the plumbing in your current kitchen? If there’s really no reason to move it during the remodel, then don’t. Plumbing work increases the cost of your kitchen remodel, so if you can keep the sinks and other plumbing in the same place, you can save yourself a bit of money.

Talk to the contractor.

Each contractor will give you an estimate before you begin working together that shows you how much he thinks the remodel will cost you. If the number is way out of your budget, ask for his help. Contractors help homeowners stick within their budgets everyday, so they will help you determine where you should cut back so the overall cost falls within your budget.

Now that you know how to cut costs so you can stay within your budget, are you ready to begin planning your remodel? Our team of experts at Ridgeline Design and Build can help you through every step of remodeling your home. We help clients remodel their kitchens, decks, basements, and bathrooms. Now, we can help you bring your vision to life! Contact Ridgeline Design and Build in Colorado today for your free consultation at 303-346-6100.