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Denver Basement Finishing Ideas For Low Ceilings

June 28, 2017

Many homeowners want to transform their basements and finally get some use out of this space. But, one of the problems that homeowners run into when trying to remodel their basements is low ceilings. If you have low ceilings in your basement, don’t give up your dream of turning this area into usable space. Here are some Denver basement finishing ideas that will work well with low ceilings:

Remove the subfloor.

Add a few inches of space in your basement by choosing a flooring material that does not need a subfloor. Flooring such as ceramic tile can be installed directly over the concrete subfloor. If you want to save time and money, you can always apply a few layers of paint directly to the concrete floor and then use area rugs to add color and warmth to the room. You may only be saving a few inches, but every inch counts when you have a basement with low ceilings.

Let the light in.

Basements with low ceilings tend to feel cramped and dark. You don’t want your basement to feel like a dungeon, so be sure to plan for windows when you design your new basement. Talk to your contractor about where you should put the windows to maximize the natural light that flows into the basement. Even though this won’t increase the space inside your basement, it will make the space look much larger and more open.

Choose the right light fixtures.

If you already have low ceilings in your basement, you shouldn’t choose light fixtures that hang down from the ceiling and take up even more space. It’s recommended that you stick with recessed lighting since these lights are placed within the ceiling. If recessed lighting is out of your budget, track lighting is another option that won’t take up much space. Take a look at this recessed lighting buying guide to learn more.

Stick to neutral colors.

When dealing with low ceilings, you have to focus on creating the illusion that the basement actually has high ceilings. One way to do this is by painting the ceilings either white or another light neutral color. You should never paint low ceilings a dark color because this will make the ceiling feel even lower and instantly affect the atmosphere of the whole room.

Leave the ceiling exposed.

If you have exposed ductwork and floor joists, you may be tempted to close the ceiling off with drywall or wood paneling. But, doing this will make the ceiling feel a tad lower than it already does. Maximize your space by leaving the exposed ductwork and floor joists as is. After all, the industrial look is trendy right now, so this will look very modern.
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