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Basement Finishing in Denver: How to Fix Wet Basements

August 23, 2017

When making plans for basement finishing in Denver, it’s important to talk to your team of remodeling professionals about moisture. Some basements will have more than others, but it’s almost a guarantee that every basement will have some moisture. What should you do about this issue? Here are some of the most common fixes for wet basements:

Insulate the Pipes

Work with your team of professionals to determine the source of the moisture. In many cases, the moisture is caused by condensation on cold pipes running through the basement. Fortunately, this is a very simple problem to fix. To prevent the condensation from ruining your basement finishing plans, cover them with insulation. This is an easy project that can usually be done without the help of a professional.

Examine the Outside

Walk around the perimeter of your home to look for problems that could be leading to moisture in your basement. It’s recommended that the foundation stay at least 8 inches above the soil to prevent moisture from causing damage. In addition, landscaping start at least two feet away from the foundation of your home. If the landscaping is closer than this, you may want to move it to prevent water damage.

As you inspect the outside of your home, you may notice puddles of water collecting around the foundation of your home. This is most likely caused by an ineffective or clogged gutter system, and it could lead to the presence of moisture in your basement. To fix this problem, work with a roofing professional that can adjust or fix your gutters to ensure the water does not collect around your home’s foundation. Learn about common gutter problems.

Fill Cracks and Holes in the Foundation

Water can slowly seep into your basement through cracks and holes in the foundation. If you believe this is why you have moisture in your basement, work with a professional to plug these holes and cracks with hydraulic cement. After plugging the holes, the remodeling professional may also suggest that you apply a coat of waterproofing material that looks like a white paint. This material fills the pores in the concrete to prevent moisture from sneaking into your basement.

Install A Drainage System

If none of the other fixes will resolve the issues in your basement, the remodeling professional may recommend installing a drainage system. The drainage system will need to be installed beneath the basement floors, so you will have to rip up the flooring and reinstall it once you are done. This is one of the pricier projects on the list, but it is often the only option that will be effective in permanently getting rid of water in the basement.

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