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Room Additions in Denver: Tips for Designing A Home Office

September 6, 2017

More and more people are beginning to work from home instead of driving to and from an office every Monday through Friday. If you work from home, it’s important to have a home office that you can retreat to when you need to focus on getting things done. But, many people haven’t planned for a home office, which is why this is one of the most popular room additions in Denver. Here are some tips for designing your new home office:


The location of your home office is important. Before you begin building this new room, think about the foot traffic of the area. Will your family frequently be walking by your home office as you are trying to work? If so, this could be a distraction that affects your ability to work. Choose a quiet area in your home to maximize your productivity.

The View

Plan on incorporating large windows into the home office so you can let natural light in and reduce energy costs. Then, think about what the view will be like. What will be right outside the window? If possible, give yourself something beautiful to look at, such as a flower garden, peaceful water fountain, or majestic trees. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, looking out your window at one of these beautiful sights can help you ease your mind and forget about your worries.


It’s important to include as much storage space as possible in your home office plans. If you don’t have much space in the room, think of unique ways that you can store more. For example, you can hang floating shelves on the wall above your desk. Floating shelves won’t take up much space or make the room feel cluttered, so they’re perfect for small spaces.

Tech Needs

When designing the layout of your home office, think about your tech needs. How many outlets will you need to power your home office equipment? Where should the outlets be located? This is a minor detail that is often overlooked by homeowners who are building an office onto their home. If you don’t plan for your tech needs, you may end up having to run unattractive extension cords back and forth through the room in order to plug in your computer, phone, printer, fax, and copier. Read 10 ways to spruce up your home office.

Track Lighting

Even if you have a great deal of natural light in the room, it’s best to add track lighting so you have back-up lighting for the darker hours of the day. An overhead light is not enough, but track lighting that is aimed at your desk can give you just the right amount of light that you need to stay focused and power through your work.

Are you ready to add a home office to your home? If so, get in touch with our team of professionals. In addition to building new rooms, we can also help clients remodel their kitchens and finish their basements. Let us help you bring your vision to life! Contact Ridgeline Design and Build in Colorado today for your free consultation at 303-346-6100.