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Remodeling the Staircase During Denver Basement Finishing Projects

December 20, 2017

Many homeowners forget about one minor detail when finishing their basements: the staircase. Basements typically have worn down staircases that can give off a bad first impression for anyone traveling down to the basement for the first time. To prevent this problem, it’s important to think about how to remodel the staircase when completing your Denver basement finishing project. Here are some tips:

Close Open Wood Staircases

Many basements are designed with an open staircase, which is one that does not have closed risers, meaning each stair almost appears to be floating in mid-air. An open staircase can be a safety hazard—especially for small children. Therefore, it may be best to convert an open staircase into a closed staircase by adding wooden risers. If carpet is being installed in the finished basement, cover the staircase with the same type of carpeting so the room looks more cohesive. See more basement staircase ideas.

Replace Flimsy Stairs

Basement staircases tend to be much flimsier than the staircases used in other parts of the home. It’s not a good idea to try to add to a flimsy staircase, since the structure may not support the addition. Before starting this project, have a professional inspect the staircase to determine if it is strong enough to remain in the basement. If it’s flimsy, it will need to be removed and replaced with a sturdier structure to prevent tragic accidents. Remember, now that the basement is finished, there will be more foot traffic on these stairs than ever before, so they need to be sturdy.

Use the Space Underneath the Stairs

Don’t waste the empty space underneath the basement stairs. Talk to a contractor about the best way to use this space. Since the majority of homeowners decide to convert this area into storage, this is most likely what a contractor will suggest for your basement. Depending on the size and shape of the space, it’s possible that you can also design a custom built-in bookcase that fits right underneath the stairs. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do with this space—just don’t let it go to waste!

Add A Railing

Some basement staircases are designed with either flimsy railing or no railing at all.  Since more people will be visiting the basement now that it’s finished, it’s important to keep them safe by adding railing to the staircase. Wood is the most traditional type of stair railing, but many people prefer iron because it can be customized to create a unique design. As long as it keeps people safe, choose any type of railing that complements the rest of the room.

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