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The Top Denver Kitchen Remodeling Layouts

January 3, 2018

Many decisions will need to be made during a kitchen remodel, but one of the first things that needs to be decided is the layout of the kitchen. A layout is a basic floor plan that illustrates where everything will go in the kitchen, including the cabinets, appliances, sinks, and other features. Before making this decision, get inspired by some of the top Denver kitchen remodeling layouts:

The U-Shape Layout

U-shaped kitchens, also known as horseshoe kitchens, have three walls of cabinets that form the shape of the letter “U”. This design works well for a lot of homeowners because it includes plenty of counter space and cabinet storage. Because there is so much counter space, it’s also easier for multiple people to prepare food at the same time in this type of kitchen. Read these tips for U-shaped kitchen layouts.

The L-Shaped Layout

L-shaped kitchens have two rows of countertops that are perpendicular to one another, so they form the shape of the letter “L”. U-shaped kitchens offer more counter space and cabinet storage, but L-shaped kitchens are more open and inviting. This is the perfect layout for medium sized kitchens.

Galley Layouts

Galley kitchens are ideal when there is not much space for a kitchen. This type of layout is characterized by two parallel walls of cabinets with a walkway through the center. The galley layout is a great choice for people who want to maximize the limited amount of space they have for their kitchen. If space is not an issue, the galley layout is not recommended because there are other layouts that make better use of bigger spaces.

Before choosing this layout, figure out how big the walkway in the middle of the two walls will be. If it’s going to be very narrow, it may be better to choose a one-wall layout instead of using a two-wall galley layout. Even though you won’t have as much storage or counter space with a one-wall layout, the kitchen won’t look as cramped.

Peninsula Kitchen

Peninsula layouts feature islands that are connected to the rest of the counters and cabinets in the kitchen instead of placed in the center of the kitchen. Imagine an L-shaped kitchen with two rows of cabinets forming the shape of the letter “L.” Most peninsula layouts basically transform an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen by connecting an island to add a third set of cabinets. The island portion of the kitchen should have stools or chairs so it is clear that it is an island and not just another row of cabinets.

Do you need help picking out the right layout for your kitchen? If so, get in touch with our team of remodeling experts as soon as possible. Our team can assist clients with the transformation of their kitchen, basement, and other areas of the home. We will guide you through this process from the start to the finish to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results. Contact Ridgeline Design and Build in Colorado today for your free consultation at 303-346-6100.