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Unique Ways to Spice Up Your Kitchen Remodel in Denver

March 7, 2018

You’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, but you want to do things a bit different. While you don’t necessarily want to make a massive statement, you still want to stand out among the crowd. There are a few ways to turn your kitchen remodel project into a way of expressing your unique style and creativity. Certainly you don’t want to do something just to be different, but there are a few ways you can spice up your kitchen remodel in Denver that add flair and elegance without being too loud.

Color Coordination

In the process of considering ways to remodel your kitchen, color coordination is always something to keep in mind. This is a fantastic way to display your unique sensibilities and charm, and can add an additional layer of depth and personality to one of the centerpieces of your home.

When considering how to go about remodeling your kitchen, think about the things that you intend to keep from the previous kitchen. If you have a black oven, you will want to think about ways you can use this color in coordination with the rest of your remodel design. Depending on how adventurous you are feeling, there are designs that can greatly utilize opposing color schemes to give your kitchen an added degree of flair.

Kitchen Themes

Prior to taking on the project of remodeling your kitchen, it is a good idea to consider what kinds of themes you hope to bring out within your new design. Are you looking for a chic and super modern look? Perhaps you are in the market for a kitchen that brings back memories of a simpler time, and you want to make choices that will illustrate this point.

Whatever theme you decide to go with, it is important to get a clear idea of what you want to say prior to starting the project. Explore the various different styles that speak to you, and think about how this might work within the context of your home. While an old world kitchen may work great if the rest of your house has this style, it might feel awkward and out of place if your home utilized a more modern style.

Wood Incorporation

If you are looking to make an impact with your kitchen remodel by drawing from the style of a previous era, going with a wood-centric kitchen can be a great choice. Employing minimalist wood cabinets can complement a kitchen that seeks to have a more midcentury feel with ease. For those looking for the rustic look, having exposed wood beams in your kitchen can add considerably to this feel. For those looking to retain their modern style but still want to incorporate wood into their kitchen, consider a butcher block island as a way to pull this off.

If you are in need of a kitchen remodel, or have other remodeling needs in your home, contact Ridgeline Design and Build today for more information. We are happy to help you find the best design plan that fits both your budget and your desired outcome.