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What You Need to Know About Room Additions in Denver

April 4, 2018

When it comes to room additions for your Denver home, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the enormity of a project like this. It’s true that adding on to your home, whether it’s for that dream master suite or for a large-sized family room for all to enjoy, is not a simple thing. The best place to start is with a written plan, and you might also consider hiring professionals to assist you with the project.

Let’s take a look at some of the considerations you will need to take into account when you are planning your room addition.

Approvals and Permits

This is one of the most important aspects of your addition, but it is one of the most overlooked as well. If you’ve ever watched any house flipping television show, you have probably seen the disappointed house flippers who realize the room addition on the house they just purchased had never had a permit pulled. In most cases, their only option is to tear down what might be nice space because of the lack of permit. Permits are that important!

Either you can pull the permit yourself or your contractor can pull one for you. Keep in mind that the permit will be in your name, so it is up to you to ensure that the work is done up to code so it passes inspection. Do your homework to ensure you are working with trusted contractors.

You’ll need permits for the structure as well as any electrical or gas work. You may or may not need a plumbing permit, depending on whether pipes will need to be relocated. (This article from Angie’s List includes more specifics on the types of permits you might need for your room addition.) You might need to get the permit in person, but you can check with your local government website to see if the paperwork is available online. Be prepared to pay for the permits, as there is a fee involved.

It’s also important to check with any homeowners association (HOA) to which you might belong. They may have rules in place for the types of room additions that are and aren’t allowed; some HOAs must even approve your plans before you start.

The Planning Stage

Once you have your paperwork in order, it’s time to start planning your room addition. Obviously, you want to consider the style of your home so the addition fits in with your architecture style seamlessly and doesn’t look like an afterthought. Put together a wish list of all that you desire in your room addition so you know what your priorities are when you sit down with a designer or contractor. Again, make sure you are hiring competent people by doing your due diligence in checking them out ahead of time.

When you work with Ridgeline Design & Build, you are working with an experienced, reliable company. Our team of professionals can help you put together your plans for a room addition, regardless of the type of room you are building. We will communicate with you throughout the process, from the design stage through demolition through completion. Contact us today! Let’s discuss your Denver room addition project.