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Basement Finishing in Denver—Why You Should Create That Second Living Space

April 25, 2018

Is your home’s basement unfinished? Is it just being used for storage? Why not consider a Denver basement refinishing project? Imagine all that wasted room that could be turned into a completely new living space!  

There are so many options: You could turn it into an apartment that you could rent out, adding to your income each month. You could turn it into a mother-in-law quarters where guests could stay comfortably. You could create a home theater where you, friends, and family could watch movies on a big screen. Or you could just make a rec room for your family to enjoy. The ideas are endless.

Check out these 13 Clever Basement Remodeling and Storage Ideas from Country Living for some inspiration in creating your own second living space. You can also take a look at our project gallery to see some of the beautiful basement spaces we have created.

Before you get started on your basement refinishing project, you will want to take the following considerations into account.

Take Care of Things That Need to Be Fixed First

If there is any kind of dampness in your basement, you’ll want to find the source of that before you add finishes there. You might want to have the space inspected in terms of safety as far as the electrical system and foundation of the basement. You’ll also want to find out how well insulated the area is.

Consider the Type of Basement You Have to Determine What Is Appropriate

Depending on the type of basement you have, you may or may not be able to create a legal apartment. You will need to consider safety, for example, if there were ever to be a fire. A walkout basement is probably the most conducive to creating an apartment that could generate income for your monthly budget.

Consider the Type of Living Space You Want to Create

What type of basement would you get the most use out of? Many people simply put in a spare bedroom and bathroom, but you could also create a living space. Often, a small kitchenette comes in handy so you won’t have to walk all the way upstairs for food and drinks. Or perhaps a recreation area with a wet bar would be most suitable to your lifestyle.

Talk to a Contractor About Your Ideas and Develop a Plan

Once you’ve come up with your own ideas for the unfinished space below your home it’s a good idea to get input from a contractor. You can determine a realistic budget as well as a timeline. Working with a professional is the best way to ensure your new living space is functional and manageable.
Whether you are looking for ideas, or if you already know what you want, contact the experts at Ridgeline Design and Build when you are ready to get started with your basement remodeling project. Learn the benefits of adding an extra room to your home and reach out to us for help! We serve the greater Denver metro area and can work with you on a free estimate to start your project. Give us a call at 303-346-6100.