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Denver Basement Refinishing: What To Do Before You Start

May 30, 2018

You have finally decided to go ahead with the basement refinishing project in your Denver home you have been thinking about for years. It seems like a huge undertaking and all of the project details can seem overwhelming. If you want to have the best experience possible when professionally finishing your basement, take a look at the following tips.

Make a List of Contractors to Interview

Most experts recommend that you do some research and come up with a list of three reputable contactors.  Three is a good number because you’ll need to meet with all of them personally, and you don’t want to waste hours on this portion of the project. Finding the contractors is simple: Do an online search with Google, and ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. Check out the online reviews for the contractors to make sure they have plenty of happy customers. Don’t necessarily pick the lowest-priced contractor. As in all things, you don’t want to find out the hard way that you get what you pay for.

Decide on a Layout for Your New Basement

Some people like an open concept feel to their basement refinish, while others like the separation of walls to differentiate spaces. Think about how the basement will be used in the end. If it’s for socializing, you’ll want to have that area in a place where there is plenty of light. If there is to be a bedroom, make sure there is a window. If you’ll be using it for a home theater, make sure the TV area can be dark for optimal movie viewing. Don’t forget to leave space for storage! (You will thank yourself later, as will potential buyers when you go to sell your home.)

Determine Whether There Is Enough Head Space in the Basement

With a basement, there are going to be plenty of pipes, ductwork, and wires to hide, and this usually means a drop ceiling is necessary. Is your basement height adequate to support this—while still allowing enough head room so people aren’t crouching over when they come downstairs? If there isn’t going to be enough head space, this can add a layer of complexity—and expense—to your basement project. Digging out the basement floor can be done, but this will have to be determined before you get started—and you will also have to allow room in your budget.
For more ideas on what you should consider before getting started, check out this article from This Old House, Read This Before You Finish Your Basement.
You want your Denver basement refinishing project to give you the ideal space for you and your family, so it will take careful thought ahead of time. The professionals at Ridgeline Design and Build can work with you to transform your basement into a game space, an entertainment space, a family space—or anything you have been dreaming of. Give us a call at 303-346-6100 or request a free quote. When you are ready for your basement refinishing project, let the experts at Ridgeline Remodeling help. Contact us today!