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4 Tips to Create the Perfect Office from the Experts in Basement Finishing in Denver

August 29, 2018

When it comes to home remodeling projects, you have countless options to choose from. While transforming a space into a comfy lounge area is great, it’s not always practical. For many homeowners looking for a way to add value to their homes and make their lives easier, turning the unfinished basement into a finished office is a fantastic option. Before you start dreaming up the perfect floorplan for your Denver basement finishing project, consider these tips to make sure the design is a success.

Don’t Neglect the Lighting

Lighting design should be a major component of any finished basement, but it’s doubly important for office spaces. The right lighting can make it easier to focus on your work and makes the space feel more inviting and less like a cave underneath your home’s main living quarters. Think about the types of light fixtures you want to incorporate into the design. Wall sconces can add character while track lighting and inset canister lights make it easy to see no matter what you’re trying to accomplish.

Incorporate Storage Solutions

Every office needs a fair amount of storage whether it’s used to house files, books, or even family photo albums. While external shelves work, a basement finishing project is the perfect opportunity to add built-in storage systems. Consider incorporating floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, adding a closet, or even constructing a dedicated work area right into the wall. This way, you’ll have the freedom to design the perfect desk instead of being forced to choose between disappointing pre-built options in a home furnishings store.

Consider the Type of Work You Do

How you’ll use the space dictates a lot about the structural design of the finishing project. If your work requires absolute quiet or you’re worried about echoes becoming a problem in the office, make sure your design team understands your insulation needs. By adding the right type of insulation to the walls during the construction process, you’ll be equipped to get straight to work without worrying about interruption as soon as construction is finished.

Think About Other Amenities

If you work from home the majority of the time, you may want to think about adding other amenities to the design to make the space more comfortable. For example, adding a half bathroom will allow you to work for long stretches without risking getting distracted every time you head upstairs to use the bathroom. A small kitchenette will allow you to make coffee, tea, and other beverages as needed throughout the day. While these items can be added at a later date, it’s far easier and more budget-friendly to incorporate them into the initial design.

No matter what type of office you’re looking to create, the right design will make all the difference. At Ridgeline Designs, we believe that every finished basement should feel like a true extension of your home. We’ll make sure the space is comfortable, useable, and fits your existing home design perfectly so you can enjoy the space to its fullest. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate.