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7 Trends for Your Backyard for Fall 2018

September 19, 2018

Are you wondering some of the best ways to transform your backyard or deck? Fall 2018 is bringing great trends for you to incorporate into your outdoor décor. Use any or all of these ideas and work with your local deck builders in Denver to make your dream space for the upcoming season. 

Patio Fire Bowls

Perfect for small backyards, homeowners are buying small firepit bowls to create a unique firepit. A few logs can be set in, complemented by two, three or four chairs around it. Bowls are available in a variety of sizes and colors to match your backyard décor. 

Climate-Controlled Spaces

To spend more time in their backyards and decks this fall, homeowners are choosing to take control against outdoor elements. They are creating covered spaces to provide shelter in rain or snow, and climate-control options to be comfortable when the weather isn’t cooperating. In addition, you can purchase plants, shrubs, and other décor that last all year long. 

Painted Decks

You may have considered re-staining your deck to mix things up. But have you considered painting your deck another color? Homeowners are ditching their traditional wood stains for colors in all shades. In fact, you can even have multiple colors, perhaps using white around the trim or painting square or circular shapes. 

String Lights

Turn a space into a quiet, relaxing oasis with string accent lighting. For open areas, you can create a design with four strands that form a box, or several strands in a row or patterns. They can be strung along a ceiling or free-floating. Don’t have a big space? Hang a few strings along the edges of a deck. Explore ideas in the 10 ways to amp up your outdoor space with string lights. 

Pops of Color

Spice your space up this fall with some color. Don’t be afraid to be bold! For instance, take a worn wooden table, sand it down and paint it a bright blue or red. Sprinkle colorful décor such as vases or art if you would like to keep your furniture the same but need a little extra. It is also popular to use contrasting shapes, colors, and constructions. You can pair stone or slate with wood.

Large Statement Pieces

Make a bold statement in larger backyards or patio by hanging a large light or other statement décor. Your statement piece can also be a piece of furniture, a table or firepit. The grander the piece, the better. You can also create a large outdoor kitchen patio perfect to keep drilling out all throughout fall. Add a large stone slab countertop that will make for a great bar top to entertain guests. 


A simple add for your deck is to incorporate a swing. Mix some of the other top fall trends and use colorful cushions, paired with string lighting to set a relaxing mood. If you are looking to create a climate-controlled area, consider having your local deck expert add a roof for your swing to hang from. This is the perfect way to spend the cool, fall evenings enjoying everything nature has to offer. 

When it comes to making your deck dreams a reality, Ridgeline Design and Build is your go-to expert. As exterior deck construction and remodeling experts, we will help you create a reinvigorated space. Contact us today at 303-346-6100 for a free quote.