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Create a New Place for Entertaining Friends and Family With Denver Basement Finishing

October 17, 2018

Is your basement just sitting there? A dark, dusty place where you store holiday decorations and other items you seldom use? Why not turn it into a space you can use? It’s extra square footage with plenty of potential. With Denver basement finishing, you can create a new space that will be fun for family and friends to use. The options are only limited by your imagination.
Let’s take a look at some ideas for turning your basement into a space for family and friends to enjoy themselves.

Home Theater

In recent years, this has become one of the more popular ways to finish a basement. Because a basement is underground, it is ideal for a home theater because you can make the room extremely dark, capturing the theater experience. Basements can also be soundproofed so surround sound in the home theater doesn’t disturb family members who are upstairs. Make sure you pick a good surround sound system and a television screen that is appropriate for the size of the space.
If you are looking for ideas, HGTV has some great tips to share in this article so you can create the ideal home theater. You may never purchase a movie ticket again!

Rec Room

Do you need a party place? Perhaps an area for gamers to have fun, or a place to invite friends over to watch the game? With a big screen television, a wet bar and fridge for snacks and beverages, you can create the ideal entertainment spot—and it’s just a quick walk down the stairs of your home. 

Game Room

If you and your family are big gamers, you can turn your basement space into a sweet game area. Don’t just limit yourself to video games. With a large enough space, you can consider other fun games that don’t involve a screen, including pool, foosball, air hockey, a ping pong table, a dartboard, and old-fashioned pinball machine—and the list goes on. Don’t forget to include a comfortable table and chairs for a rousing game of poker or Monopoly. 


Although a man’s home is his castle, the truth is most of the living space above ground is family oriented. Perhaps this is why the addition of the so-called man-cave has become so popular in recent years. Don’t take up valuable garage space creating a place for the guys to get together for beers and the big game. 

Craft Room

Crafting and scrapbooking are big, but both require large amounts of supplies in order to do them. What better place than a designated craft room with plenty of built-in storage? Crafting materials won’t need to be stored on the dining room table if there is an entire room dedicated to their use.
What’s keeping you from transforming the wasted space in your basement into a place your entire family can enjoy? When you’re ready to get started, Ridgeline Design and Build is your go-to company! We have specialized in Denver basement finishing and room remodeling since 1991. Just give us a call at 303-346-6100 and we can get started!