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Denver Housing Additions Done on a Budget

October 31, 2018

The thought of an addition to your house may bring thoughts of large amounts of money sunken into a project without a clear end in sight. Clearly, taking on an addition to your home is not going to be a quick and simple decision, as you’ll want to consider everything which can impact your home’s structure. A large part of this project will come down to your overall budget, which is crucial to achieving a successful home addition. Surprisingly, Denver home additions don’t necessarily have to be massively expensive, and can be done within a budget if you are aware of what is required.

Take Advantage of Tax Credits

An important way to maximize your costs and increase the amount you save on your home addition project is to utilize available tax credits. Installing things which maximize your home’s energy efficiency may make you eligible for tax credits, which can allow you to recoup up to 30% of the value of the project. Consider having things such as solar panels and geothermal heating elements installed, as well as energy-efficient windows and doors as a way to take advantage of tax credits. You won’t just save money from the tax credits either, as these will provide tremendous savings over the course of time.

Consider a Sunroom

If you think adding a fully functioning room to your home isn’t possible without your current budget, a sunroom can be a great way to increase your home’s interior space without breaking the bank. Sunrooms can be used most months of the year, with the exception of especially cold days. However, using space heaters and other ways to keep warm can still allow you to enjoy your home’s new space during colder months. Sunroom’s tend to be significantly less money than other home addition projects.

Finish Your Garage, Attic, or Basement

Adding livable space to your home doesn’t always mean adding a physical addition to your house, it can also be accomplished by finishing existing spaces in your home. Do you have a basement, attic, or garage that is currently unfinished but would make a great addition to your home? Consider finishing these spaces as a way to increase the amount of space available for you and your family. Never underestimate how a well-finished basement or attic can improve your interior living space possibilities. Not only will you increase the amount of space available, but you will also increase the value of your home’s property, as potential buyers will view this finished room as a net benefit.

If you are in need of a kitchen remodel, or have other remodeling needs in your home, contact Ridgeline Design and Build today for more information. We are happy to help you find the best design plan that fits both your budget and your desired outcome. Our trained associates will answer any question you may have regarding the remodeling process and help you determine the design that makes the most sense for your situation.