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Common Mistakes Denver Homeowners Make When Finishing Their Basements

December 19, 2018

Making the decision to finish your basement in Denver can be the perfect way to liven up your home and expand the space available to your and your family. An unfinished basement isn’t just scary in the dark; it can also be an uninspiring eyesore to have to look at every time you inhabit it. An unfinished basement often ends up becoming a cluttered storage space, with mounds of your belongings quickly leaving your below-ground rooms feeling more like a burden than an asset. But simply making the decision to finish your basement isn’t without its issues, as you may still end up making costly missteps that will leave you wishing you’d made a different decision. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when finishing your basement. 

Installing Fiberglass Insulation

Your unfinished basement will very likely require some insulation effort on your part to make things comfortable instead of drafty and cold. But when making the decision to insulate your basement, a common mistake people make is to install fiberglass insulation. The reason to avoid this common insulation property is due to the fact that fiberglass can get moldy easily. When you consider that basements are often humid and deal with moisture-related issues, you’ll definitely want to install a different type of insulation to avoid this issue.

Installing Wood-Based Flooring

It can be tempting to install wood flooring in your new common space, but this should be avoided at all costs. Wood flooring can’t withstand the issues associated with moisture and is likely to become damaged, warped, or just generally unsightly over time. If you’re seeking to install wood flooring in your finished basement, consider vinyl flooring which mimics this look instead. New vinyl flooring options can give the impression of wood flooring, both the look and feel, without needing to install the real thing. 

An Uninspired Floor Plan

Making the decision to finish your basement is a smart one, but is one that requires a careful amount of forethought and planning prior to beginning the project. Creating a floor plan that ends up feeling choppy or awkward can leave you feeling like you want to redo the project all over again, a costly and inconvenient option to be sure. Consider a wide range of options prior to making the final step of beginning the construction process. Your first idea may not be the best option, and it’s always a good idea to plan on having many choices to select from before you get started on the project. 

If you are in need of basement finishing services, or have other remodeling needs in your home, contact Ridgeline Design and Build today for more information. We are happy to help you find the best design plan that fits both your budget and your desired outcome. Our trained associates will answer any question you may have regarding the remodeling process and help you determine the design that makes the most sense for your situation.