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4 Ways Denver Kitchen Remodeling Can Make Your Small Kitchen Easier to Work In

August 17, 2016

Denver kitchen remodeling not only can add value to your home, it can make the heart of your home an easier space to work in. Even some of the simplest changes and completely revamp your small space and provide more storage and work spaces. You can also liven up the look of your kitchen with certain colors and counter choices. Here are four ways to improve your small kitchen to make it an easier space to work in.
  1. Drawer and Counter Solutions: Whether you are working with a small space or are limited in the changes you can make, consider getting smarter with your solutions. First, maximize corners. You can invest in a lazy Susan to help you maximize storage space, but you can also consider corner drawers as well. This option will help you avoid the possibility of items falling off and getting stuck. Corner drawer solutions are often deeper and allow you to really maximize your storage options.
  2. Creative Storage Options: If you prefer a simple and clean look in your kitchen, consider various pullout drawer options. What is a pullout? Basically, it is a drawer. Many who remodel their kitchens choose to put some of the kitchen eyesores hidden but easily accessible into a drawer form. This can be done for trashcans, appliances, spices, dishes, trays, cookware and more. You can even create a pullout or cart on wheels to expand storage and cutting space if you have a small kitchen that will not accommodate an island.
  3. Light Colors: When remodeling your kitchen, choosing a light color palette will make a space look larger. Choosing white or light pain colors such as a light blue or green can add character to your kitchen and will make the space look larger. You can also add a light colored backsplash to add more character. For a smaller space, choose a simple backsplash. In addition to paint, consider white or light colored cabinets, countertops and furniture. You can always add bold color accents such as flowers or d├ęcor to help add pops of color and your personality to the space.
  4. Counter Options: When it comes to finding the perfect counters for your kitchen remodel, granite is often a popular choice. When sealed, your granite is protected against staining and creates more flexibility when cooking or preparing food, as you do not have to wipe up spills as quickly as you would if it was not sealed. With granite, you have to re-seal every few years. Quartz is another popular option that is a nonporous stone, which does not require sealing the same way granite does. Many choose this a low maintenance solution. Last, adding a butcher block counter to your kitchen can help you with food prep as you can prep and serve items all on your butcher block.
When you are ready for your Denver kitchen remodeling project, let the experts at Ridgeline Remodeling help! We are a licensed and insured corporation that has been in business since 1991 and can customize any space in your home. Learn more about our kitchen remodeling services and give us a call at 303-346-6100 to get started!