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Denver Kitchen Remodeling: 3 Reasons to Make the Leap and Invest

September 7, 2016

Remodeling your Denver kitchen can sound daunting. While a lot is involved, it is extremely beneficial. By remodeling your kitchen, you can increase the value and make a better space for the heart of your home. Wondering if you should make the leap? Here are three reasons to invest in a remodel for your kitchen.
  1. Increases Home Value: Even if you are not planning on selling your home anytime in the near future, a remodel project is a great way to increase its value. According to a 2014 cost vs value report from Remodeling, a minor midrange kitchen remodel can increase a home’s resale value $15,585 and a major midrange kitchen remodel can increase the value $40,732. Depending on the cost of the project, which could provide a significant jump in the sell price of your home.  In addition, updating your kitchen will attract buyers. In today’s market, many prefer an open concept to be able to join the space for the family, entertaining, etc. If you are looking to sell your home, work with a remodel company to find materials and a color scheme that will be attractive to all buyers. Why? Even though character is great, an overly decorated home may be difficult for individuals to envision them and their family in the space.
  2. Creates Usable Space and Storage: Often times, people move into a home and have to make the existing situation work for them. With a kitchen remodel, you can make the space work for you and your lifestyle. A remodel provides the opportunity to add appliances that better suit your needs, such as a dishwasher or refrigerator. But more importantly, you can update the space to accommodate your needs. Many homeowners add more storage space in creative ways. For instance, you can use slide out drawers to conserve space, and use tiered shelving to easy access. You can also add built-in storage areas for items to keep out of the way such as waste containers or appliances that are used often (such as a blender, toaster, etc). This is also a great opportunity to create an island or a bar top for food prep or a place for guests and family.
  3. Updated Designs that Increase Longevity: When upgrading your kitchen, you will be able to change the aesthetics, which can last for decades to come. First, start with granite. This counter material will last for decades. They have a unique design that will change the look of your kitchen, and when sealed, keeps them safe from contamination from spills, scratches, etc. Your local kitchen remodel company can handle the sealing of counters. You can achieve similar results with marble or quartz counters as well. Second are floors. There are a variety of different flooring options that will last for years to come! HGTV has this Kitchen Floor Buying Guide to help you get inspired for your remodel.
When you are ready for your Denver kitchen remodeling project, Ridgeline Design and Build can help! We have provided remodeling services to the greater Denver metro area and Colorado Front Range since 1991—so you can rest assured that you will receive exceptional quality and service. Learn more about our remodeling services and call us at 303-346-6100 to get started.