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Fall Ideas for Your Denver Basement Finishing and Organization

A new season is the perfect time to start fresh and reorganize. One of the best ideas is to look into Denver basement finishing and re-organizing your space. A finished basement is a great way to increase storage space, have more room for activities or will just give you peace of mind that your home is complete. Try some of these ideas this fall and bring new life to your basement!
  1. Shelving and Bins: Do you have a basement full of boxes and you are not sure what is what? Ultimately, it defeats the purpose of storing it. Ideally, when storing items, you want to be able to easily access them—even if it is only once or twice a year. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in shelving. You can find wood shelving, or you can also look into wire shelving. If you have a damp or humid basement, choose a material such as epoxy. This will not rust or corrode easily. If your basement is pretty dry, choose a metal or similar construction. Next, invest in clear bins. Label them clearly and find a great pattern to organize them in. For instance, if you access just a few boxes once a year, put them on a top shelf. For items you access semi-regularly, make them easier to reach. Try some of these other tips for an organized basement from One Crazy House to complete your fall organization!
  2. Finishing: By finishing your basement, you will increase your home’s value immensely. Also, it allows you the opportunity to get creative with an area that is not being utilized to its fullest potential. Not sure where to begin? Ask yourself what you need. Need a place to work in peace and quiet? Try an office. What about a room dedicated to some of your children’s toys or a place for gaming systems? How about a game room! A finished basement is also perfect for your washer and dryer. By keeping it away from the main floors, you will reduce or eliminate the sound.
  3. Layout: One of the best ways to provide the best organization is proper layout. If your basement is not large, than an open space with shelving may be best. But if you have a large area, you can lay it out into different rooms. If you need more room for friends, family or others that live in the home, consider adding bedrooms and a bathroom. One of these rooms can also be dedicated to storage.

As you look for more ideas for your basement this fall, try these three ideas for the perfect space to entertain. When you are ready to transform you basement this fall, trust the experts at Ridgeline Design and Build. Our top priority is to make your projects as easy as possible! We will also work around the clock on your project to save you time and money. To get started on your free estimate, let us help! Give us a call at 303-346-6100.