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Expand Your Home with These Ideas for Room Additions in Denver

When you increase the square footage in your home, it will not only help make the environment more comfortable, but is a great investment. This is especially true when trying to sell your home. Work with your realtor or do your own research on comparables in the area. You make want to seek out some of these ideas for room additions in Denver to make yourself competitive. Not planning on moving? Consider how comfortable you and all those are that live in the home and if any of the following ideas will help.
  • Extra Bedrooms: Adding bedrooms are a great way to increase the value of your home. If you have children that are currently sharing bedrooms, it may be convenient to increase the space as they grow older. Adding an extra bedroom can also double as an office or storage space and is attractive to future buyers. If you need the space, you can evaluate how many square feet the room needs to be. If you are adding it to increase value, look at homes in your area.
  • Converting an Attic: When many people think of an attic, it’s considered a space that isn’t gone to often. However, you may want to reconsider that. If you have an attic space you aren’t using, you may be missing out on quite a bit of value down the road. In fact, an attic conversion is one of the highest return on investment room addition projects out there. Many choose to convert an attic into a bedroom, which can be a great idea. Others choose to convert it into usable storage or working space. By choosing the right company, you can ensure the attic becomes a comfortable space, and not one you dread!
  • Bathrooms: When it comes to adding a second bathroom, or half bathroom, there are options to increase the value. First, if you do not have an ensuite bathroom, it could be comfortable for you or attractive to future buyers. If your home only has one bathroom, but is not large, you can consider a half bathroom, also known as a powder room. This is a great place for guests so they will not go in and out of your main bathroom. Use caution with placement. Learn more in SF Gate’s “How to Lay Out a Powder Room.” If you frequently entertain guests or they stay over night, a second or third bathroom could be an option to discuss with your local remodeling company. Placement and value is important, which are all options they will take into consideration as you approach this project.

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