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Denver Deck Builders Year Round Maintenance Tips

October 19, 2016

When you call up your neighborhood deck builders in Denver on the perfect deck to relax on, you will want to be sure to maintain it! A new deck is a large investment that will last for many years to come as long as it is maintained properly. Get the most out of your investment by keeping up its glowing new look.
  1. Wash Once to Twice a Year: When it comes to washing your deck, many use their trusty power washer to quickly wash down debris. Not so fast there. Pressure washers often use so much pressure that they could actually damage your deck’s construction. To be safe and get the most out of your deck, talk with the company that installed your deck to see how to care for it. You can also discuss what PSI (pounds per square inch) you can use if you are set on using a pressure washer. If your deck builder advises against a pressure washer, use a hose and a bristle scrub brush to remove debris. Be sure to use a tool (such as a putty knife) to remove any debris in between the boards. Use a cleanser while scrubbing. Also, when choosing a day to clean your deck, cloudy days are ideal. If you are cleaning prior to resealing your deck, be sure to wait at least two days after cleaning before sealing. This will ensure your deck is dry.
  2. Reseal Before Summer: When it comes to resealing your deck, it is best to do this just before summer begins. You will need at least a couple days without rain to accomplish your task. You will also need to remove all plants and décor from the deck. From there, you will need to sand the deck, replace any missing nails or screws then apply the sealer or stain of your choice. According to House Logic’s Care and Maintenance of Your Deck, a roller is the best tool to roll on a fresh coat of sealant. They advise to do a few boards at a time and never let the seal puddle. As you work, only do two to three boards at a time. Your local hardware store will have a variety of sealants to choose from that best fit your deck’s construction.
  3. Inspect for Problems: Each summer it is important to inspect your deck for any problems. This includes looking for rotting pieces of wood, making sure the bottom construction is sound and all beams are in great shape. Try to fix any issues before the cooler months and weather sets in.

If you are trying to create the perfect outdoor oasis to relax in all-year long, a deck is the perfect addition! No matter what season, it is a great space to relax with family and friends and grill out while watching the Denver sunset. Learn more about building a deck or patio for your comfort in Denver, and let Ridgeline Design and Build help! Get a free quote today by contacting us at 303-346-6100!