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Denver Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Those in Need of Disability Access

December 14, 2016

Older adults or those in need of disability access can greatly benefit from a Denver bathroom remodeling project. By making a few adjustments, it can make maneuvering around the bathroom much easier. A remodeling project can also make a bathroom or multiple bathrooms a safe place for those who need aid getting around. As you consider a project for you or your loved one, try some of these suggestions when working with your local remodeling expert.


Those with disabilities, who are in a wheelchair or have trouble getting a round, can be accommodated to create a safe environment. One of the best ways to do this is to create a shower that is seamless with the floor. This allows those in a wheelchair to roll right in, or individuals to walk into the shower without needing to step up. Next, grab bars can be installed in the shower to help those not lose their balance. Seats can also be added within a shower to allow people to sit while watching. Hand-held showers are another idea to help those if they cannot stand and wash themselves. They can also be placed lower to allow those who are sitting easy access to the water.

Sink and Other Easy Access

It is important for those with disabilities to be able to access items they use most easily. This will create a safe environment that will not increase the chances of a fall. Sinks can be installed at a lower height. You can also install cabinets that are low to carry essentials such towels, tooth paste, prescriptions, deodorant and more. Drawers can also be installed to easily roll out to access items that are stored.


The Americans with Disabilities Act, known as the ADA, requires toilets to be between 17 inches and 19 inches high. This height accommodates those in wheelchairs or anyone just standing. Make sure the toilet paper ring is located very closely to the toilet so the user avoids reaching too far and falling in the process. It is also important to add a grab bar near the toilet to help with sitting and getting up.

Overall Space

When it comes to the size of a bathroom, those in a wheelchair will need more room than those who aren’t. It is also important to make sure doorways are wide enough to fit a wheelchair through. For those in a wheelchair, it is important that the user can get into the bathroom easily and make a full turn. Next, make sure all areas can easily be accessed when walking slowly or in a wheelchair. For more ideas, read HGTV’s Bathrooms with Disability Access.

As you look to make a change to you or a loved one’s home due to a disability or difficulty, Ridgeline Design & Remodeling can help. We specialize in denver bathroom remodeling and can create a safe environment for everyone. In addition, we can also remodel kitchens, basements and so much more. Call us at 303-346-6100 to get started on your project today.