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How to Live in Your Home During A Denver Kitchen Remodeling Project

May 3, 2017

Are you thinking about tackling a Denver kitchen remodeling project? One thing that may be holding you back is the thought of living in your home while the remodeling takes place. But, don’t let this stop you from getting the beautiful kitchen of your dreams. Here are some tips to help you live in your home while your kitchen is being remodeled:

Remodel during the warmer months.

It’s best to begin a kitchen remodel during the warm months of spring and summer. Why? If you don’t have access to your kitchen during the winter, you don’t have many other places you can go to prepare food. However, during the spring and summer, you can head outside and fire up the grill to prepare food for your family. This makes it much easier to get by without a kitchen.

Use the old cabinets.

Are you replacing the cabinets in your kitchen? Ask the contractor if he can leave the old cabinets in your garage or laundry room instead of throwing them away. Once you have the cabinets, you can use this area as a temporary kitchen to hold you over until the real kitchen is done. Lay a piece of a wood on top of the cabinets so you can use the counter space, and store items inside the cabinets that don’t need to be refrigerated. Creating this temporary kitchen will help you remain stress-free while your kitchen is in the process of being transformed.

Protect the rest of your home.

Workers will be walking in and out of your home multiple times during a kitchen remodel—and they don’t always remember to wipe their feet. Ask the contractor to provide old carpet scraps that you can lay down to create a path from your front door to your kitchen. If carpet scraps aren’t available, lay old sheets or blankets down instead to protect your floors from damage.

Clip coupons.

Before the remodel begins, start to collect coupons for local restaurants so you don’t always have to make food at home while your kitchen is under construction. Look online, in your mailbox, and in the newspaper to find coupons that may come in handy once your kitchen turns into a construction zone.

Seal off the area.

Make sure your contractor uses thick plastic to seal off the area that is being worked on. You should also consider sealing off ducts and vents in your kitchen until the project is complete. Then, make sure your kids understand that the sealed off area is off-limits until you tell them otherwise. Learn how to safely live in your house during a major renovation.

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