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Room Additions in Denver: Should You Build Up Or Build Out?

July 26, 2017

Planning on adding a new room to your home? There are two ways to complete room additions in Denver: build upwards or outwards. An experienced contractor can help you decide which of these options is best for you, but it helps to learn about them prior to consulting with a contractor. Here’s what you should know about building up or building out:

Building Up

Many people with a one-story home decide to add a second story to increase the living space. If you already have a second story on your home, you could consider building up by adding a room above the garage instead. Some homeowners prefer building up because it means they don’t have to give up some of their yard in order to complete the project.

If you choose to build up, a contractor may need to add to your home’s existing foundation to ensure it can carry the extra weight. A contractor may also need to rip apart the ceilings and walls of the existing structure to add more support for the second story and connect the heating, plumbing, and electric to the new space.

Before choosing this option, it’s important to make sure that your project does not violate any of the city’s laws regarding the heights of residential structures.

Building Out

Instead of adding height, some homeowners choose to build outwards and add to the ground floor of the home. Unlike a building up project, contractors do not need to rip apart a lot of your walls and ceilings for this type of project. He will need to connect the new addition to the rest of the home, but this usually only involves tearing down one wall. Therefore, it’s much easier to continue living in your home during construction if you choose to build outwards instead of upwards. Learn about matching an addition to the original.

However, you will lose some of your yard if you choose to build out. This is because a contractor will need to dig into the ground to install a foundation for the new room that you are building. The amount of space that you will lose in your yard will depend on the size of your new room.

There are some zoning regulations that may prevent you from building out. For example, most cities have laws that require your home to be at least 7.5 feet away from the neighbor’s property line. If your room addition will put your home less than 7.5 feet away, it shouldn’t be done.  

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