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Budgeting Tips For Denver Kitchen Remodeling Projects

November 29, 2017

Many homeowners want to remodel their kitchens, but don’t go through with it because they think it is unaffordable. Remodeling a kitchen can be expensive, but it’s not hard to stay within a reasonable budget as long as you plan ahead. Make it happen by following these budgeting tips for Denver kitchen remodeling projects:

Set An Overall Budget

Start out by setting a budget for the entire remodeling project. This should include everything from the demolition to the materials and labor for the project. Once you have a number in mind, run it by a contractor to determine if it’s reasonable. A contractor should be able to tell you whether you can pull off a remodel with your budget.

Allocate Money Towards Different Kitchen Features

Next, figure out how the money will be used. Costs will vary depending on what you want done and the size of your kitchen. But in general, labor and cabinets are two of the biggest expenses that you will have during a kitchen remodel. It’s recommended that you allocate about 35% of your budget to cabinets and another 20-35% to labor. The remaining 30-45% should be divided up between new appliances, flooring, countertops, accessories, and miscellaneous items. See the 10 steps to budgeting for your kitchen remodel.

Set Aside Extra

Homeowners should always be prepared for the unexpected when remodeling a room in their home. For example, it’s possible that your contractor will discover you have a water leak or mold growth in your kitchen once he begins to rip out your old cabinets. This problem will obviously need to be addressed before the contractor can move forward with the remodel, but it will cost you. If you don’t have any wiggle room in your budget, running into problems like these can derail the entire remodel. That’s why it’s best to always allocate some of the money in your budget towards unexpected expenses. If you don’t run into any problems, either save the money or allocate it towards something else at the end of your remodel.

Save Some Ideas For the Future

It may be impossible to do everything that you want to do in your kitchen with your budget. But, remember that some projects can always be saved for the future. For instance, buying an extravagant chandelier to hang over your kitchen island may be on your wish list, but out of your price range. Instead of breaking your budget, settle for a less over-the-top fixture for now. Then, save up money over the next several years and make the switch to a more glamorous chandelier in the future. By saving some projects for the future, you can ensure that you do not go over budget.

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