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What Denver Deck Builders Want You to Know About Maintaining Your Deck

September 12, 20185

Although the official end of summer is just around the corner, we are lucky here on the Front Range to enjoy mild weather year-round, so the extra living space that your deck provides can be utilized nearly every month. Even when the weather turns chilly, your deck can still be a great place to host gatherings. Don’t miss this recent blog post, How to Build a Deck That Is Perfect for Three Seasons From Deck Builders in Denver.
The Denver deck builders at Ridgeline emphasize that it’s important to maintain your deck—whatever the season—and they offer the following tips.

Clean Your Deck Once a Year

Wood is a natural material that stands up to what Mother Nature offers throughout the year, but this doesn’t mean you can skip maintenance. There are cleaning solutions available that can help keep the natural beauty of your deck. Be sure to use one that is appropriate for the wood species used for your deck. You can use a garden hose or a power washer to get rid of built-up dirt and grime. If you are using a power washer, use it on the lowest setting.

Check That the Deck Is Structurally Sound

The weather changes that occur throughout the seasons can take a toll on the fasteners holding your deck together, so it’s crucial to check these on a regular basis. Also keep an eye out for wood pieces that become cracked or warped; these will need to be replaced. Make sure there is no give to deck railings when you push on them. Read this article by the pros at the DIY Network: How to Inspect Your Deck to See if It Needs Repair.

Rearrange Furniture to Suit the Season

Give guests a reason to linger by making sure they are comfortable. Patio seating with cushions is more comfortable—especially in cooler weather. Consider adding a fireplace or chimenea, which adds great ambiance on cool summer evenings and can stave off the chill of winter days. In the cooler months, arrange chairs around the fireplace to maximize its benefit.
Use lighting to create a well-lit, warm feel. Lighting will also keep people safe near rails and stairs. Also consider adding one or two gas heaters for the space; the appropriate number of heaters will depend on the size of your deck. There are many models available, and these can go a long way in making your deck a comfortable spot—whatever the weather.
Your deck can last a good number of years if you take good care of it. With annual maintenance checks, your outdoor living space can be a great place to hang out with family and friends for many seasons to come.
The professionals at Ridgeline Design and Build can offer the advice you need on taking good care of your deck. Don’t have a deck yet? Give us a call at 303-346-6100 or request a free quote. When you are ready for your project, let the experts at Ridgeline Design and Build help with Denver deck builders expertise. Don’t delay. Contact us today!