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4 Style Ideas for your Denver Kitchen Remodeling Project

When preparing for a Denver kitchen remodeling project, there are many types of styles to consider. Many homeowners have an idea of what they would like to do, but not everyone. As you are considering what type of style you would like to add to your home, check out some of these various styles for your update.
  1. Traditional: Traditional kitchens have a gorgeous appearance. Often but not always grand, this style typically includes wood cabinets and detailed characteristics. Often described as elegant, you can use various durable styles of wood from walnut or cherry. This classic look is the perfect addition to any home with its grand features. Crown molding, natural colors and neutral colors are common features of the traditional style. If you have extra in your budget, you can add customized hoods over your stove to match cabinets and gorgeous recessed lighting. Many top their traditional kitchen remodel off with neutral color granite or marble countertops. You can choose simple white cabinets or go a little bolder with darker browns and other shades of wood. Find more ideas for traditional kitchens from HGTV.
  2. Contemporary: Contemporary kitchens consist of a clean, chic look. Lines and rectangular features are often a heavy trait of this style to make the kitchen consistent. When choosing a contemporary style, you can choose to go bold with colors. For instance, you can use bolder colors for counters, backsplashes or walls. Many that choose the contemporary style choose other bolder features such as open cabinet spaces and a mix of cabinet colors. Contemporary kitchens are very simplistic and clean. Décor does not clutter the counters—the colors and features make the statements. From quirky color barstools to vibrant lampshades, this kitchen style will bring flair to your home.
  3. Modern: Similar to contemporary is the modern kitchen style. When choosing this style, you can really go all out with your style. Cabinets in a modern style of kitchen are commonly horizontal. In fact, the entire room can be. Instead of cabinets having a short width, modern kitchens are typically wide. They also are known to have open cabinets, similar to contemporary kitchens. Modern kitchens also continue on the minimalistic theme providing a clean, sleep appearance. Lighting is the perfect addition to a modern kitchen on the ceiling and in cabinets. You can also get unique and pair in 1960s and 1970s flooring, wall ideas, etc.
  4. Coastal: Coastal kitchens bring the feel of the beach and ocean into your home. Often bright colors, you will find many coastal kitchens are shades of blue or white, but can also bring out bold colors with a beach feel. Natural wood and other natural features are a great addition to this type of wood. It thrives on natural lighting to keep a welcoming feeling that bonds with nature.
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