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Home Remodeling Tips in Preparation for a Listing Your Home for Sale

November 30, 2016

It can be quite an enjoyable task to indulge in the renovation of your home so that you can stay in it for the next few decades. However, when you have to get a home renovation project in Denver done to sell your home, it can seem like quite a daunting task. For one, you may not be certain about the specific budget needed. You may feel like not holding back because you want your home to look its best for the next homeowner. At the same time, you also do not want to spend too much on the renovation while making sure you get the most out of the sale of your home.

Home Remodeling

When you have to renovate your home for sale, it is difficult to stay in the home while renovating. We are not talking about home staging, but the actual physical improvement of the home through projects. This is entirely different than a small repair or putting on a fresh coat of paint. More intense home renovation can completely turn your home upside down and disrupt your routine. However, experts would recommend that you create your budget based on the options available to you and plan the renovation accordingly. You may be able to renovate some areas of the home which are out of the way of your normal day-to-day life and save the more invasive projects to do all at once, when you are able to vacate for a period of time.

Basic Rules

There are several fundamental rules to consider when you are embarking on a home remodeling projects that pay. Of course, there are some factors that go into the hiring decisions of a home remodeling contractor. Why? With a large project like this, you are going to need the expertise and experience of a seasoned professional. You will need to consult with the contractor to discuss the scope and extent of the project so you can determine and establish your needed budget.

Recouping the Cost

Make sure you tell the contractor how much money you want to recoup from the home sale. For example, you wouldn’t want to spend $6,000 on putting in new flooring if the home resale value is not going to make up for that cost. In other words, do not go over the profit potential that you determine prior to any renovations. It wouldn’t be wise to spend $10,000 on a bathroom remodel, if you are going to recoup the same amount from the sale. You would have lost because a home improvement also includes other variables such as:
·       Your effort
·       The contactor price
·       Your time (leaving early)
·       The phone calls made and correspondence required

Hard and Soft Costs

The major expenses to renovate a home for sale are typically the kitchen and the bathroom. In other words, it is advised that you spend most of the budget on these areas than other rooms in the home. A good piece of advice is to always choose the softer cost over the harder cost. If you were to lay a new hardwood floor at $29.99 per square foot, that would be considered a hard cost. If you were to borrow an orbital floor sander to sand your floor, this would be a soft cost.

Refurbishing Over Replacement

Instead of replacing your flooring, why not refurbish it? You don’t’ want to leave thousands of square footage of Brazilian Cherry hardwood for the new home buyer when it can be avoided. With refurbishing, you will use less material. Instead of buying a new water heater, it is probably better to spend the money on painting the space or new kitchen/bathroom flooring.

You want to focus on spending money in your renovation or remodel on creating more curb appeal for your home. A professional local contractor can help you to build an innovative façade, creating an aesthetic that won’t last for very long in our current real estate market. Work with the experts at Ridgeline Design & Build for the appropriate home improvement, turning your home into one that your new home buyer will enjoy living in and increase your overall profit.