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Flooring Options For Your Denver Basement Finishing Project

Are you in the early stages of planning a basement remodel? One of the first decisions you will have to make is what flooring you want to use in your new basement. Basements must have durable flooring to withstand the temperature changes and possible exposure to moisture, so choosing the right floor is imperative. According to the basement finishing experts at Ridgeline Design and Build, these are some of the best flooring options for basements:

If you don’t have to worry about moisture, carpet is a great choice for your basement floor. Carpet is reasonably priced, and comes in so many colors that you won’t have trouble matching it to the rest of your décor. However, you should be aware that carpet shows wear and tear fairly easily. If you think there will be a lot of foot traffic in your remodeled basement, either choose another flooring option or stick to dark, high quality carpets that will hold up longer.

Cork may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of flooring materials, but it’s actually a popular choice for basements because it can be installed right over your basement’s current flooring. Cork is eco-friendly, insulating, and easy to clean. It’s durable on its own, but you can extend its life even further by adding a protective finish on top of it. However, not every cork floor is designed for basements. If you go with this option, make sure you talk to the experts to find a style that will work well in your basement.

Engineered Wood

Hardwood flooring is not a good fit for the basement, so what should you do if you love the look of wood floors? Choose engineered wood instead! Engineered wood is much more resistant to water than traditional hardwood floors, so it will withstand moisture that may accumulate in your basement. However, engineered wood is pricier than other basement flooring options, so if you don’t have a big budget for your basement remodel, this may not be the right choice. What is engineered hardwood flooring? Learn about it here.


Laminate is easy to install, durable, and inexpensive, so it’s often used in basements. Homeowners also love how easy it is to clean, which makes this flooring material perfect if you plan on turning your basement into a game room or place for your kids to hang out. If you go with this flooring option, make sure to look for laminate that has been infused with melamine. This is an additive that is used to make the flooring more resistant to water, so it will last longer in your basement.

Our team of experts at Ridgeline Design and Build can help you transform your basement. Besides helping clients with their basements, we also specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodels, as well as decks and room additions. Together, we can bring your vision of the perfect basement to life! Contact Ridgeline Design and Build in Colorado today for your free consultation at 303-346-6100.